Being a Black woman in corporate America I have faced many struggles. Especially working in a Caucasian dominated industry. Often times  holding positions at several high-end fashion brands, I was the only black face. For years, I felt alone that no one in a conference room setting looked like me. I often struggled with being timid and  not feeling confident in sharing my thoughts and ideas. I felt like I better just be lucky to be here or to even have a seat at the table. It wasn’t until I started to form small support groups with other black colleagues and crossed paths with a black Vice President of Marketing that changed my life. She sat me down one day and said I know you’re super intelligent, you know this job better than anyone else but when you’re in the room no one knows your there or how great you are. Something clicked. I felt seen and empowered.  From that day forward I made a point to speak Up and let my voice be heard. It is something that didn’t happen overnight but I have pushed pass this insecurity!! I am now confident that every job opportunity I’m given God has placed me there for a reason and I’m more than capable! I am now very comfortable in leading meetings, presenting ideas, creating a safe place for women of color and speaking up about micro aggressions in the work place. I hope to continue to inspire black girls like me. 


If I had to describe my #ChicPersonality in one word, it would be Resilient