In 1998 I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Up until recently this is something I did not share openly because I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I couldn’t understand why I learned differently from my classmates and I hated receiving special attention from my teachers. I had to work ten times harder than anyone in my classes just to keep up, fortunately my mom was incredibly supportive with providing me with the right resources and encouraging my creative side. During my senior year in high school I was advised to defer college for at least one year by an education support specialist; a recommendation solely based on my diagnosis despite my academic success. After receiving that news I was instantly fueled with determination to pursue my college plans on time and would not allow one person’s opinion to stop me from achieving my goals. I identified Hampton University as my top choice to pursue my college education. I knew that Hampton would provide the community, resources and the support I’d need to be successful. I felt a true sense of accomplishment and gratification the day I received my acceptance. Hampton has allowed me to achieve my educational goals and elevate my standard of excellence. I have since received my MPS at LIM College which helped jumpstart my fashion career. The tools and experiences I’ve learned at Hampton and LIM have led me to pursue my lifelong goal of starting my own business and becoming The Chicpreneur I am today.

 If I had to describe my #ChicPersonality in one word, it would be Unstoppable